#8 Eye-Opening

Olya Slobodyanuyk ministers to kids at a facility for children with exceptional needs. Her heart and passion to reach these kids is wonderful and inspiring.

We’ve had a wonderfully fantastic couple of weeks here in Krivoy. As we are well into our second month here, we are now feeling very settled in our home and surroundings. This last couple of weeks have been full. We had meetings with some more fantastic Ukrainian leaders working hard to bring the hope of Christ to this city.

We’ve also had the opportunity to start working with the different members of the team here in their various areas of ministry.

It has truly been an eye-opening couple of weeks.

We Got to spend time with Lena at one of the many boarding schools her team ministers to on a weekly basis. Being able to see the joy and warmth the team brings to the kids in these, often, cold and bleak institutions is an amazing experience.

We also had the opportunity to visit several hospitals, boarding schools, and family homes that have been touched and are still being ministered to, through Dima’s ministry. The hospitals, orphanages and boarding schools here get very little financial help from the government. The doctors, directors and teachers of these institutions are doing their best to keep afloat to continue helping people. God has opened an amazing door to Dima and other members of the team to try and help these faculties, so that they can continue to helping people. God is at work and it is amazing to see!

Also, we got to go to бурых углей (burykh ugley), a facility for men with exceptional needs here in Krivoy. There are 300 men living in this facility. The conditions in which these men live out their days is very hard to describe. Thank God for people like Irina Tarabesh and her team who feel called to minister to the men at Burykh Ugley.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us as we keep stepping in faith into the things God has for us to accomplish here is Krivoy Rog.

We both feel a call to empower, encourage and train the Ukrainian leaders and workers already doing amazing work here in Ukraine. Please pray that God would give us wisdom, insight and courage to be used by God in this area.

We love you all! Until next time!

Peace & Blessings

Chris & Jessi Nelder

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