#11 Friendships are the Best

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening (depending on when you read this) to family, supporters and friends! We are so happy to have the opportunity to connect with you again. We are happy to report that things have continued to be well and good for us here in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine.

The last four weeks, or so, have been filled with God’s grace, his leading and his provision in every way.  We are so thankful to God for the adventure he has called us to, and for the people he has allowed us to meet along the way.

The connections and friendships we have now, because of where we are and what we have been doing, are all so very wonderful. These past few weeks have been significant for us, because we have really begun to see and feel that we are making friends.

We are feeling closer to, and more a part of the team of Ukrainian ministry partners we work with here. We are growing closer to the orphans and people with exceptional needs we have the opportunity to minister to. And we have had the privileged of connecting with some new friends, visitors from Kiev and Canada who have been here in Krivoy from time to time over the last month.

We had a Pastor and his son, Paul and Elijah BIrley visiting, to minister with Ed’s team. They both were welcomed additions to the team while they were here. They blessed many lives through the gifts and love they brought.

We also had an amazing team of American students from Kiev here with us. They are all kids of missionaries and decided to give up part of their march break to come and bless the orphans here. They shared bible stories, they brought fun, and they impacted the lives of many kids for sure!

Finally we had some visitors from Oakville, Canada, Kalina D’Orazio and Christine Bortz Bressington. These two ladies have been faithful to God and have come to bless the country of Ukraine countless amounts of times over the past 27 years. Spending time them, sharing stories was amazing!

Friendships are the best! We are so thankful for the friendships God is giving us, as we realize we would not have had the wonderful opportunities to meet and develop these friendships if we had not said yes to His call for us to come here.

Thank God for friendship! And thank God for all of you! Thank you again for taking the time to read our updates, and as always thank you for all your love and support. We LOVE you!

Peace & Blessings

Chris & Jessi Nelder

Ps. If you missed our Month THREE update video you can watch it below!