#8 Eye-Opening

Olya Slobodyanuyk ministers to kids at a facility for children with exceptional needs. Her heart and passion to reach these kids is wonderful and inspiring.

We’ve had a wonderfully fantastic couple of weeks here in Krivoy. As we are well into our second month here, we are now feeling very settled in our home and surroundings. This last couple of weeks have been full. We had meetings with some more fantastic Ukrainian leaders working hard to bring the hope of Christ to this city.

We’ve also had the opportunity to start working with the different members of the team here in their various areas of ministry.

It has truly been an eye-opening couple of weeks.

We Got to spend time with Lena at one of the many boarding schools her team ministers to on a weekly basis. Being able to see the joy and warmth the team brings to the kids in these, often, cold and bleak institutions is an amazing experience.

We also had the opportunity to visit several hospitals, boarding schools, and family homes that have been touched and are still being ministered to, through Dima’s ministry. The hospitals, orphanages and boarding schools here get very little financial help from the government. The doctors, directors and teachers of these institutions are doing their best to keep afloat to continue helping people. God has opened an amazing door to Dima and other members of the team to try and help these faculties, so that they can continue to helping people. God is at work and it is amazing to see!

Also, we got to go to бурых углей (burykh ugley), a facility for men with exceptional needs here in Krivoy. There are 300 men living in this facility. The conditions in which these men live out their days is very hard to describe. Thank God for people like Irina Tarabesh and her team who feel called to minister to the men at Burykh Ugley.

Thank you again for your prayers and support. Please continue to pray for us as we keep stepping in faith into the things God has for us to accomplish here is Krivoy Rog.

We both feel a call to empower, encourage and train the Ukrainian leaders and workers already doing amazing work here in Ukraine. Please pray that God would give us wisdom, insight and courage to be used by God in this area.

We love you all! Until next time!

Peace & Blessings

Chris & Jessi Nelder

#6 Mcjoyful


Hey everyone! We are so excited to let you know about our first couple of weeks here in Krivoy Rog. It has been wonderful, new, tiring and at times, stressful. Of course, that is all to be expected when moving somewhere new, especially when that somewhere new is a different country, with a different culture, where they speak a different language.

Still, we have settle into our new apartment and surrounding area well. We know where to go to get groceries and laundry detergent, and we know how to get to church. We have been trying to study the language (Russian) and we practice it with people whenever possible. Learning a new language is hard, but being able to communicate with new Ukrainian friends is an excellent motivator.

We had the opportunity over the last few weeks to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas (Jan. 7th), meet lots of people, some old friends and some new, and we’ve begun exploring the city we live in. We also met with the team of Ukrainian ministry partners we will be working with. They are all wonderful and we can’t wait to get to know them better.

One of the highlights of our time so far has been Mcjoyful. A program run by Loads of Love that aims to bring orphaned children and people with exceptional needs to McDonalds. Each child or person brought in, enjoys a happy meal and most importantly they hear about the love of God shown to us through his son Jesus. It has been one of our greatest joys so far to tell kids that Jesus loves them.

Things are going well! We love what we are doing so far and we are so incredibly excited for what God has planned over the next 5 and a half months!


Please continue to pray for us and our Ukrainian partners as God leads us. Please continue to pray that we receive our TRP’s (temporary residency permits). It is a lengthy and stressful process; we will be very happy to have it done!

As always THANK YOU for reading, supporting and praying for us!

Peace & Blessings

Chris & Jessi Nelder



#3 In Ukraine!

Hey Y’all!

We are Back in Canada after an amazing 10-day Short Term Missions trip in Krivoy Rog, Ukraine, the very place we will be spending our 6-month mission starting in less than 2 months!

It was a wonderful opportunity for us to meet with the national workers and get excited about the work we will all be doing together with them from December to June.

Over the two weeks we were able to briefly help in all four of the main areas we will be focusing on when we head there in December. We got to see God work in and through the lives of the national workers as well as the members of the STM team from Millbrook Christian Assembly.

We helped to renovate the emergency triage unit at the main of three children’s hospitals in Krivoy Rog.

Removing old window frames in order to put in new ones.

We ministered to and encouraged a number of small village church plants in the outskirts of Kirovograd and Krivoy Rog.


The Growing Church in Kirovograd.

We shared the love of God through humanitarian aid at a facility for men with exceptional needs called Buri-Ugli.

Men with exceptional needs listening to the Pastor preach.

And we had the profound privilege of teaching children about the love and plans of God for them with Lena Taran. Lena leads the Orphanage Ministry branch of the work being done in Krivoy Rog through Loads of Love.


We will be sharing with you more about Lena and other national workers in Krivoy Rog in blogs to come!

Lena Taran

Please keep praying for Ukraine! Specifically, for us, the national workers, and the work God has called us to do together in Krivoy Rog.

Thank you once again to all who have already supported us through financial donations, we are getting very close to raising our budget, but we still need about 25%. If you would like to support us by helping us raise 100% of our budget before December, you can do so by clicking the Donate button at the top of our Blog page.

With Love,

Chris & Jessi Nelder